Fr. Mike on his Bike

Monsignor Michael P.A. "Super Priest" Flanagan, SP

Monsignor Flanagan has been a Roman Catholic Priest for 32 years. 
He is a trained psychotherapist. 
He has extensive experience in parish and high school ministry. 
Monsignor Flanagan conducts workshops and parish missions around the United States and Canada to benefit the poor. 
He has appeared on the Faith Frontiers Radio Program on Radio Peace in Miami. 

Monsignor Michael's Parish missions benefit the poor of the Third World 
through Cross International
Monsignor Flanagan is currently a diocesean priest for the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica, WI.Whose ordinary is Bishop Paul Boyle. 
Which receives aid from Cross International

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Contact Monsignor Flanagan
viaE-MAIL or U.S. Mail 
Monsignor Michael Flanagan, SP
5102 NW 1st Ave
Deerfield, Fl 33064

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